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We stand for certified quality standards and comprehensive product control.


Resource efficiency in service and logistics processes.


The optimisation of our processes, as well as fast real-time communication, enable us to use time and resources more efficiently.


Questions? Suggestions? We are always here for you.

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  • In-house customer service
  • Fast and competent processing of inquiries and orders
  • Professional advice in the selection of products or services
  • Transparent pricing and fair terms
  • Bespoke solutions and individual offers tailored to your needs
  • Personalised support and regular communication to build a long-term relationship
  • Continuous development and improvement of the products
  • Logistics


  • Transport and delivery of goods worldwide, with freight and customs processing handled by qualified partners
  • Timely deliveries and high service quality
  • Adaptation to individual customer needs and requirements
  • Optimierung von Transport- und Lagerprozessen zur Kostenreduzierung
  • Continuous information and feedback to the customer
  • Safe and reliable handling of transport by qualified staff and technical security measures
  • Customised solutions for every customer requirement, ensuring optimal logistics handling
  • Consulting


  • Experience and expertise in customer consulting
  • Individual and tailor-made solutions
  • Long-term collaboration and focus on customer satisfaction
  • We have a deep understanding of the industry and market conditions
  • Our customer advisors are excellent communicators and empathetic
  • Comprehensive training for our advisors to expand their skills and knowledge
  • We utilise innovative technologies and tools to enhance our customer service
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    Corporate history

    In 2020, Alsavie GbR was founded to sell disinfectants and dispensers to hospitality establishments, clubs, and other businesses. We supplied projects such as Arena Now at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, which became the first arena in Germany to allow events with social distancing between visitors. As a result, further businesses followed, such as the sale of medical products for the crisis to facilities, businesses, and testing centers in Germany.

    In 2021, Alsavia Spain S.L. was founded and expanded its business activities to include virus testing and the opening of a testing center on Mallorca. The company also began distributing medical products to Spanish pharmacies and facilities on Ibiza, Mallorca, in Barcelona, and other regions of the Spanish mainland.

    In 2022, Alsavie Import GmbH & Co KG was founded to develop its own products and engage in international trade. This founding marks an important milestone in the company's history and demonstrates that the company is ready to face the challenges of the future. Sustainability is a key focus of Alsavie, which is at the center of our business activities. We ensure that our products and services are resource-efficient and environmentally friendly. Natural medicine products will be an important part of the company. The goal of Alsavie is to provide high-quality products and services worldwide while contributing to the improvement of healthcare.


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    Pioneers for quality


    For your needs in the field of medicine and natural medicine,

    we offer you high-quality products and are constantly searching for innovations

    Organic Aloe Vera Gel 250ml, 20 units per packaged unit

    Price on request

    Organic Aloe Vera Juice, 1 liter, 6 bottles per carton, EU Organic Label

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    Acon Flowflex home test / self-test / COVID-19 test, 1-pack single pack / hard pack.

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    Sprachen: DE, EN, CZ, GR, DA, IT, NL, ES, FR EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 Notifizierte Stelle: 0370

    Price on request

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